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게임 정말 무섭게 잘 만들었네요~
It is a really scary and well made game.

This game was terrifying - but then again I really hate dolls in horror games! The cutscenes weren't the best but the actual game itself was well put together and pretty scary. I'd recommend giving it a look!

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Why is this a new release? I played through this same exact game over 9 months ago now. I even made a video...see?

What gives?

EDIT!: Never mind, after a little sleuthing I see you really are the same developer! I've ran into people thieving other indie games here on before and trying to pass them off as their own and I'm glad that's not what was happening here :D Cheers!

P.s. this game is still rad.

Fun stuff!


Good enemy design, has some potential :)

Oh, Thank!  XD

ever thought of doing the voices in Thai? That would be really cool!